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Bill Gates Dragged, Nutsack Exploded, Deranged Cat Lady and more

Bill Gates Dragged, Nutsack Exploded, Deranged Cat Lady and more


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Today’s best:

My balls and my mold suddenly exploded – Clemson College Basketball Star

Paul Pelosi’s hammer fight body cam is on…
Does the video match the MSM narrative?

Bearded Drag Queen: ‘Hail to those who lick us where we pee’ in front of the kids

Trump to DeSantis: For me it’s about loyalty

Ashli ​​Babbitt was killed by Pelosi’s “police” much more clearly than Tire Nichols – Tucker Carlson

Dan Bongino: Tire Nichols was given a street execution style death sentence

“White Supremacy Killed Tire Nichols, Not Memphis Police Officers” – Deranged Cat Lady Leftist

Swalwell claims that doing the Bang Bang with Fang Fang did not compromise national security because the FBI…

Oh, you tell CNN that the FBI says that… it’s like dishonored three times over…

Bill Gates Is Dragged On Live TV For Visiting Epstein’s Pedo Island 37 Times
1 dinner, 37 visits… what was she doing all the other times?

Clean and sober is a mistake, everyone self-medicates – Gavin Newsom
Well, you’d have to be drunk or on something to believe their policies are good.

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