Big Tech’s Censorship is reminiscent of the Soviet Union – Freedom First Network

Big Tech’s Censorship is reminiscent of the Soviet Union – Freedom First Network

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With the Big Tech giants and Social Media corporations implementing censorship and deplatforming in the name of fighting “disinformation,” Conservatives are getting kicked out of the public square left and right. The danger of this mentality is that they are taking the spirit of the First Amendment away.

While, on one hand, these big corporations are private businesses. On the other hand, they are being used as an extension of the Federal Government that is controlled by the Democrats in order to silence all opposition. The danger that our nation is facing is that the only beliefs that you are now allowed to have are the mainstream narrative. There’s no room for disagreement or opposing views.

Our Founding Fathers intended for America to be a free nation, where people were free to publicly oppose their elected officials without censorship. The freedom of the press was not a protection of the Mainstream Media that is owned and run by the elites to say whatever they want. Freedom of the Press was actually the individual’s right to print and distribute their views without restriction. Today’s equivalent would be writing blogs, hosting podcasts or posting on Twitter.

Dr Nan Hayworth explained her deep concerns with the current state of shutting down speech that the mainstream elites do not like. This is reminiscent of the Soviet Union who would control the narrative that they wanted out in the public and punish those that fall out of line. While Big Tech his hiding behind Section 230, I believe that we are approaching the time where we have to force these Social Media giants to decide whether they are going to be a publisher or a platform. The cannot be both.

The beauty that made America great was the view that we should be able to freely express our opinions, even of others disagree with us. This Freedom of Speech is so important, as the only way to change people’s minds is with better information and the truth. Cracking down on opposing views only reinforces their positions in their mind. We must promote free expression of thought and open dialogue in our nation. If we continue down this path of only allowing a mainstream narrative without dissension, we are going to head down the path of the Soviet Union and other tyrannical governments that stripped people of their freedoms and liberties.

America is the greatest nation on the face of the planet. A huge part of what makes it so great is our preservation of freedom. If we continue down this path, unfortunately, America will become less and less great. If we want to bring back this great nation, we must stand up and defend freedom for each and every American.

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