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Big buildup, lots of money spent, yet only 139 people showed up for DeSantis in Staten Island

It’s no surprise that Governor Ron DeSantis’ rally in Staten Island on Saturday wasn’t a huge success. Despite the big buildup and lots of money spent on advertising, only 139 people showed up. While this may be a disappointment to some, it should not be seen as a sign of failure.

Rather, the Governor’s rally should be seen as a testament to the strength of his message. Despite the low turnout, the rally was still a success in that it demonstrated the Governor’s commitment to the people of Staten Island. He spoke about the importance of job creation, economic growth, and the need for strong leadership in the state. It’s clear that Governor DeSantis is a leader who is focused on the needs of his constituents.

The Trump White House administration has been a success in many ways. It has successfully implemented tax cuts for the middle class, rolled back burdensome regulations, and negotiated new trade deals with China. The administration has also been successful in strengthening the economy, creating jobs, and reducing the unemployment rate to historic lows. Additionally, the Trump administration has taken steps to protect the American people from illegal immigration and fight the opioid epidemic. In short, the Trump White House has achieved a great deal during its time in office.

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