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Biden’s Persecution Of Opponents Trump And Kennedy ⋆ Conservative Firing Line

Biden’s Persecution Of Opponents Trump And Kennedy ⋆ Conservative Firing Line

On July 27, 2022, former President Donald Trump made his first return to Washington, D.C., since leaving the White House. There he gave a fiery speech detailing Joe Biden’s blunders and failures leading our country into demise and creating a “cesspool of crime.” Trump also dropped hints that he would run for president again in 2024.

Just 12 days later, Aug. 8, 2022, Biden’s DOJ raided Trump’s home at Mar-a-Largo. Nov. 7, 2022, Trump was stating he would be making a “very big announcement.”

Just two days later, Nov. 9, 2022, during a rare press conference, Biden suggested that if former President Trump opts to run in 2024, he would not make it to the White House. To me, that sounds like a threat. Biden continued, saying, “We just have to demonstrate that he will not take power if he does run, making sure he – under legitimate efforts of the Constitution – does not become the next president again.”

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It’s odd that Biden would speak concerning legitimately using the Constitution, for concerning another U.S. founding document, Joe could not quote a simple part of the Declaration of Independence.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident,” he stammered. “All men and women created by – you know, you know, the thing.” This would make you think that after being a Washington politician for 50 years, Joe is still not familiar with the founding documents of our country. Maybe one day he will read them, hopefully in retirement, or possibly in jail. Of course, Kamala is no better, for on Jan. 22, on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, she purposefully manipulated and misquoted the Declaration of Independence, leaving out the word “life,” so she could make it say what she wanted it to say.

So the Biden/Harris administration takes our founding documents and manipulates them as they like. This is what they mean by “legitimately using the Constitution.” Perhaps, as is normal for the Democrats, Biden meant the opposite of what he stated. Biden meant to say, he plans to “misuse” the Constitution to make sure Trump does not become president again. This would be in line with the mindset of the Obama/Biden administration, for they viewed “the Constitution as a flawed document from which we must ‘break free.’”

So, on Nov. 15, 2022, just six days after Biden’s threat, former President Trump announced his reelection bid. Obviously, at this point Biden must have set down with his DOJ, and probably Obama, and planned what they might have termed, “Crossfire Hurricane Part 2.”

Have you ever stopped and thought about the title of the Obama/Biden “investigation” into the now proven fraudulent Russian collusion the Democrats and hysterical fake-news media claimed occurred giving Trump the 2016 election? The title of the “investigation” was “Crossfire Hurricane.” Does this sound like the name of an investigation? Some try to say this title is from a song, but think about it. “Crossfire” is when you set snipers at different angles to make sure you hit and take out a target. “Hurricane” suggests extreme disruption and a host of these snipers. So the term “Crossfire Hurricane” really sounds like the name of something intended to take someone down and out of the picture, preventing him from what he is trying to do, and possibly kill him. In fact, evidence has suggested “Crossfire Hurricane” was the Obama/Biden administration attempt to “overthrow 2016 election results” using a “shadowy clique of agents operating outside of the law on foreign soil.” “Crossfire Hurricane” does not sound like the name of an “investigation,” but it sounds like the name of an assault, for that is what it was.

Speaking of assault, there is an interesting 2023 timeline presented on the Jesse Watters cable program. It shows Hunter Biden admitted “the laptop from hell” was his on March 17, and on the very next day, March 18, Trump said he would be indicted in New York based upon fraudulent “hush money” claims of a porn star.

Then on June 8 an FBI document revealed Biden took a $5 million bribe from the Ukrainian company Burisma, but the very next day, June 9, Trump was indicted over the Mar-a-Largo presidential documents, which all presidents have. On July 31, Devon Archer testified concerning the Biden crime family, and the next day, Aug. 1, Trump was indicted over January 6th and the fraudulently termed “insurrection,” where unarmed picnickers were supposedly going to overthrow the government by walking through the Capitol as tourist. I thought that was what they used to allow people to do, especially when they were escorted by Capitol Police officers.

Then there is Aug. 11 when a Hunter Biden special counsel was announced, and the very next day, Aug. 12, it was announced that Trump would be indicted in Georgia.

This timeline of events looks like Joe Biden is holding to his threat concerning Trump. As Biden stated, “We just have to demonstrate that he will not take power if he does run.”

All of this clearly shows that Biden, as he stated April 25, 2023, is preparing for another presidential run, probably again from his basement, since the only crowd he could gather would be the medical personnel bandaging the legs of Secret Service agents after being bitten by Biden’s dog.

While the main thrust of Biden’s assaults have been against his main rival, former President Trump, Biden has also refused Secret Service protection for Robert F. Kennedy Jr., as Kennedy is dealing with death threats while running for the Democratic presidential nomination. This is the first time in history this protection has been denied for a candidate with 20% in the polls, according to RFK Jr.

All of these persecutions of presidential candidates show we have entered into a new era of demise for the United States, where tyrannical rulers are able to wield their power to persecute their opposition.

The swamp must really be afraid of former President Donald J. Trump.

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