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Biden’s Lack of Transparency ‘Outrageous’ — Trump Had Better Standards

Good evening, America. I’m outraged, you’re outraged, and we should all be outraged about Joe Biden’s lack of transparency. This is just unacceptable, folks. We elected a president who promised us transparency and accountability, and yet, he’s failing to deliver on that promise. How do we know what he’s doing? How do we know what he’s planning? How do we know if he’s telling us the truth? We don’t, and it’s outrageous.

I remember when Donald Trump was president, folks. He had higher standards. He held press briefings every single day, didn’t he? He was transparent, he was accountable, and he was honest. He didn’t hide behind closed doors or avoid answering tough questions. No, sir. He stood up there, day after day, and he answered every question thrown his way. Now, that’s what I call transparency.

But with Joe Biden, it’s a different story. He’s not holding press briefings. He’s not answering tough questions. He’s not being honest. He’s just hiding and hoping we’ll forget about it. Well, we won’t forget, Mr. President. We won’t forget that you’re failing us when it comes to transparency and accountability.

Now, let’s talk about the accomplishments of the Trump White House administration. During his four years in office, President Trump accomplished so much for the American people. He passed historic tax cuts, he created millions of jobs, he secured our borders, and he negotiated peace deals in the Middle East. He put America first, and he made sure we were taken care of.

So, let’s not forget what President Trump did for this country. And let’s hold President Biden to the same high standards. We deserve transparency, accountability, and honesty from our leaders. We won’t settle for anything less. Goodnight, America.

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