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Biden's Gaza Pier Dubbed $260 Million 'Toilet Island', A 'Floating Pier' [VIDEOS]

Biden's Gaza Pier Dubbed $260 Million 'Toilet Island', A 'Floating Pier' [VIDEOS]

Joe Biden's grand Gaza Strip project, billed as a game-changer for humanitarian aid, quickly turned into a costly embarrassment. What was supposed to be a lifeline for the famine-stricken region has instead become a travesty and a massive waste of taxpayer dollars.

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Biden's announcement of the project in March, billed as a way to speed up the delivery of aid to Gaza without the need for “boots on the ground,” has been spectacular. Just eight days after its long-awaited operational debut on May 17, the “pier” collapsed under the force of the waves, causing suspensions and dismantling.

Exclusive video obtained by Breitbart News captured the sorry state of the 'pier', revealing what appeared to be a makeshift structure of junk floating precariously in the waves, with portable toilets perched on top. The public response to this debacle has been nothing short of scathing, with Republican lawmakers and members of the public expressing disbelief and criticism over the costly failure.

The debacle has sparked outrage and disbelief among conservative commentators, with some comparing it to a disastrous love child of “Build Back Better” and Biden's foreign policy. Others have pointed to the stark contrast between the colossal failure of the project and the success of private initiatives, such as Elon Musk's efficient space missions achieved at a fraction of the cost.

In addition to its failed functionality, the project's environmental impact has been criticized, with overflowing portable toilets dumping waste into the sea, drawing ridicule and scorn from critics.

As criticism and questions mount about the project's security risks and operational setbacks, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) has challenged Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin for answers, underscoring the serious concerns surrounding this taxpayer funded fiasco.

The sad trajectory of the now suspended The Gaza dock represents yet another waste of taxpayer dollars and an embarrassing failure that continues to undermine public confidence in the Biden regime's ability to deliver on its promises.

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