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Bidenomics Update: It’s going to get worse

Bidenomics Update: It’s going to get worse

Are you ready for what comes next?

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“Pay attention, planned A farmers oil shock Or a possible fact amazing stupidity It may be imminent” – Jordan Peterson

“President Biden just canceled crucial oil and gas leases in Alaska. Why does this matter? It makes us more in duty to our enemieshurts the environment and adds to the pain we feel at the pump.” – Morgan Ortagus

“Trump approved the Keystone pipeline. Biden canceled the Keystone pipeline. Trump issued ANWR oil and gas leases. Biden terminated ANWR oil and gas leases. Trump made us energy independent. Biden demand oil from the adversaries This is the difference between $2.39 and $3.80 gas.” – Daniel Turner

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“No one should be surprised that the most anti-energy president in our history has taken action again kill American energy independence and ensure that people will continue to pay more at the pump, more to heat their homes and more for the goods they buy” – Representative Harriet Hageman

“Biden is putting America in one financial bond choosing to curb our energy independence and dominance.” – Rep. Matt Rosendale

“The BRICS alliance seeks to bring down the US dollar by controlling the global oil and gas sector. The BRICS joined six new countries in August, and five of them are major oil producers. The new members , Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Iran and Ethiopia, export millions of barrels of oil each year, except Argentina. If the BRICS start accepting local currencies for oil trade, the The US dollar will be in dangerand.” – Watchful Guru

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Donald Trump was asked about some of this…

“Gas is going up. Your heating is going up. . . . We’re going to get it down to where it was. We’re going to do some drilling, I can tell you that.” —Donald Trump

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