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Bidenomics Rebates, Indictments Filed, and Trump’s Response

Bidenomics Rebates, Indictments Filed, and Trump’s Response

Dive into the latest headlines, from the Shark Tank star’s unfiltered views on the credit downgrade to explosive information about the Biden crime family. Watch the heated exchanges, Trump’s reactions and Eric Swalwell’s bold claims. Stay informed with today’s top news!

Tune in to RVM Roundup Monday through Thursday at 6:00 PM EST for the day’s news and the best viral videos on the Internet.

Today’s best:

1: BIdenomics: Shark Tank Star Says No Way to Downgrade Sugarcoat [VIDEOS]

2: They’re Not Even Hiding It Anymore… All-Day Indictments After Biden Crime Family Condemnation Report Breaks

3: Hey Kevin McCarthy, call Nancy Pelosi and see if you can borrow some crazy…

4: Trump responds to Jack Smith’s J6 allegation

5: We need to see it more every day. Shoot around and find out

6: Eric Swalwell Claims SCOTUS Ruling on Roe V Wade Is Equal to Government Forced Pregnancy

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