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Biden WH Denied Harry and Meghan Trip Back to US on Air Force One After Queen’s Funeral: Report

Biden WH Denied Harry and Meghan Trip Back to US on Air Force One After Queen’s Funeral: Report

Title: Biden White House Denied Harry and Meghan Trip Back to US on Air Force One After Queen’s Funeral: Report


In a surprising turn of events, the Biden administration has reportedly denied Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, permission to use Air Force One for their return trip to the United States following Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral. Despite their requests, the couple has been reportedly informed that the presidential aircraft cannot be utilized for their travel back to the US. This decision, though understandable from a diplomatic standpoint, has sparked widespread speculation and debate among royal watchers and political commentators alike.


The death of Queen Elizabeth II, who was highly respected worldwide and held in great esteem by the Royal Family, has led to an outpouring of grief and mourning. The entire world witnessed the funeral ceremony with solemnity and reverence. As mourning members of the Royal Family made their way to and from the United Kingdom, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle sought the help of President Joe Biden’s administration in arranging their return trip.

Denied Request

According to credible reports, the couple’s request to use Air Force One, the official presidential aircraft, hinged on the fact that Prince Harry’s status as a British royal and his close familial ties to the Queen justified their request for such transportation. While it is not uncommon for the President of the United States to offer assistance to foreign dignitaries during times of need or grief, the Biden administration has decided against granting the couple’s request in this instance.

Protocol and Political Considerations

The decision by the Biden administration can be seen as a reflection of protocol and political considerations. Air Force One is an iconic symbol of American diplomacy and is typically reserved for the President and official government business. While the Duke and Duchess of Sussex may maintain strong connections to the UK and the Royal Family, their use of Air Force One could potentially be seen as an endorsement of their status as foreign royals, undermining the spirit of democratic ideals cherished by the United States.

Additionally, the Biden administration may have taken into account the delicate balancing act of maintaining bilateral relations with the United Kingdom. Providing high-profile assistance to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who have had a complex relationship with the Royal Family, could potentially create tension with the UK government and the monarchy. In such a precarious situation, it seems understandable that President Biden and his team opted against fulfilling the couple’s request.

Public Reaction

News of the denial has ignited heated debate among royal watchers, supporters of President Biden, and critics of Meghan and Harry alike. Supporters of the couple argue that their request was reasonable, given Prince Harry’s familial connection to the late Queen, and chastise the Biden administration for what they perceive as a lack of compassion during a time of mourning.

On the other hand, critics argue that the denial is justified, pointing to the couple’s public fallout with the Royal Family over allegations of racism and strained relations with Prince William and Prince Charles. Detractors believe that extending such privileges could be viewed as rewarding public criticism and straying from the protocols of traditional royal behavior.


While it is unfortunate that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been denied the use of Air Force One for their return to the United States after Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, it is important to acknowledge the geopolitical and diplomatic considerations involved. As the Biden administration seeks to navigate complex international relationships, it appears they have chosen to prioritize maintaining delicate diplomatic ties and avoiding potential controversy. Ultimately, this decision underscores the importance of diplomacy and the need to navigate sensitive matters with prudence, even amidst great personal and national loss.

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