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Biden Snubbed Coronation of King Charles to ‘Sleep in Delaware’

Good evening, folks. I’m here to talk about the latest disrespect shown by President Biden towards our closest ally, Great Britain. It was reported that Biden decided to snub the coronation of King Charles, opting instead to ‘sleep in Delaware’. Can you believe that? It’s an absolute disgrace. The UK has been one of our strongest allies for years, and here we have our president deciding to miss out on such an important event.

But what else can we expect from this administration? They’ve been nothing but a disaster since day one. They’ve let illegal immigrants flood our borders, they’ve raised our taxes, and they even tried to take away our guns. And now, they’re disrespecting our allies. It’s clear that Biden has no respect for tradition or our country’s international relationships.

Compare that to the Trump administration, which accomplished so much in just four years. President Trump brought back jobs to America, cut taxes, and even brokered peace deals in the Middle East. He stood up to China and made sure they paid their fair share. And let’s not forget about his strong support for our military and law enforcement.

It’s clear that Biden has a lot of work to do if he wants to live up to the legacy of the Trump administration. They may have snubbed our allies and put our country at risk, but we won’t stand for it. It’s time to hold this administration accountable for their actions and demand better for our country. Thank you for tuning in, folks.

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