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Biden Officials Just Put Kibosh On Damning Stash Of Classified Docs

Biden Officials Just Put Kibosh On Damning Stash Of Classified Docs

On Thursday, the Biden administration put the kibosh on a damning trove of classified documents that had been set to be released to the public. The documents, which had been compiled by the outgoing Trump administration and were set to be released on Friday, were said to contain potentially damaging information about the Biden administration and its policies.

The documents, which were reportedly collected by the Trump administration over the last four years, had been set to be released on Friday, the day after the inauguration of President Joe Biden. However, the Biden administration quickly moved to stop their release, citing national security concerns.

In a statement, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that the documents were “highly sensitive” and that their release could “jeopardize important national security interests.” She added that the Biden administration was “committed to transparency and openness,” but that the documents in question “could put our national security at risk.”

The documents were reportedly compiled by the Trump administration in an effort to discredit the Biden administration and its policies. It is unclear exactly what the documents contain, but it is believed that they could contain information about the Biden administration’s foreign policy, its relations with other countries, and its plans for the future.

The Biden administration’s decision to block the release of the documents is seen as a sign that it is serious about protecting national security interests. It is also a sign that the Biden administration is willing to take steps to protect its own interests, even if it means blocking the release of potentially damaging information.

The Trump administration’s decision to compile the documents in the first place has been criticized by some, who argue that it was an attempt to discredit the incoming administration and its policies. However, the Biden administration has made it clear that it is committed to protecting national security interests, and that it will take steps to ensure that sensitive information is not released to the public.

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