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Biden May Be Forced To Use Extreme Measure to Keep Hunter Out of Prison

Title: Biden May Be Forced To Use Extreme Measures to Keep Hunter Out of Prison


The Biden family has faced its fair share of controversies, with Hunter Biden’s dubious business dealings at the forefront. As federal investigations continue to unravel, there is growing speculation that President Joe Biden may be compelled to resort to extreme measures in a bid to shield his son from potential legal consequences. This article delves into the potential challenges the President might face regarding Hunter Biden’s legal battles and the implications it may have on the administration.

Hunter Biden’s Legal Troubles

Hunter Biden’s legal troubles first came into the spotlight during the 2020 presidential campaign. Issues surrounding his overseas business dealings, including his involvement with Ukrainian energy company Burisma, caused consternation among some voters. Allegations of corruption and questionable financial transactions have plagued Hunter’s reputation, raising concerns about the extent of his potential legal liability.

Federal Investigations and Potential Consequences

Federal investigations currently scrutinize Hunter Biden’s financial affairs, including his tax affairs and business dealings abroad. The prospect of potential criminal charges and subsequent imprisonment is an imminent threat for Hunter. As these investigations intensify, President Joe Biden, as a devoted father, may feel an inclination to protect his son from the full brunt of the law.

Potential Extreme Measures and Their Implications

While the extent of measures President Biden might consider remains unknown, speculations about potential extreme actions to safeguard his son from prison time have begun to surface. Some have suggested that a presidential pardon may be on the table if legal jeopardy looms large. Pardoning his own son, however, would undoubtedly provoke an outcry and further damage the Biden administration’s credibility.

The political fallout resulting from such an action would be significant. Critics would argue that nepotism and favoritism superseded the principles of justice and fairness that form the bedrock of the American legal system. Such a move could potentially undermine public trust in the government and raise accusations of presidential misconduct to protect family interests.

Alternatives Available to President Biden

Rather than resorting to extreme measures like a presidential pardon, President Biden might explore alternative options. He could allow the investigation to run its course undeterred and support full transparency throughout the entire legal process. If Hunter Biden is found guilty of illegal activities, it would be crucial for President Biden to maintain a clear and impartial stance, emphasizing the government’s commitment to upholding the rule of law.


As legal investigations persist, President Joe Biden finds himself in a complex situation regarding his son’s potentially perilous legal battles. While the allure of extreme measures may be tempting at the outset, it is crucial for the President to prioritize the broader principles of transparency, accountability, and fairness. Navigating this situation effectively will be critical to preserve public trust in the Biden administration, strike a balance between familial loyalty and justice, and ensure the integrity of the American legal system.

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