Biden Forgets The Name Of The Pentagon AND His Own Defense Secretary

Biden Forgets The Name Of The Pentagon AND His Own Defense Secretary

Joe “what am I doing here” Biden turned in another disturbing performance during an appearance Monday when he couldn’t remember what the Pentagon was called, or the name of his own Defense Secretary who had spoken at the same podium just minutes before.

Biden was speaking to mark International Women’s Day, using the fact that two women have been nominated for an appointment to a four star commander position.

Staring into the distance, he mumbled through the speech, thanking ‘my, my, er, the guy that runs that outfit over there’, adding that he wanted to make sure he thanked ‘the secretary’.

The latest weird appearance comes a week after Biden wondered out loud what the hell he was doing:

The President of the United States can no longer finish sentences, even when he’s reading them from a teleprompter:

Last month he admitted that he wakes up every morning and asks his wife”where the hell are we?”

Little wonder then that his handlers won’t let him hold a press conference or answer any questions.

Even CNN is asking questions over Biden’s complete lack of interaction.

The guy has bombed Syria more times than he’s held a press conference during his presidency.

Biden isn’t taking calls with foreign leaders, he’s napping and playing with his grandchildren.

Is this guy really going to last in office another three years?

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