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Biden DOJ Wants to Throw Ex-Hunter Business Partner Devon Archer in Jail Before He Can Testify

Title: Biden DOJ Wants to Throw Ex-Hunter Business Partner Devon Archer in Jail Before He Can Testify


The ongoing controversy surrounding Hunter Biden has taken yet another twist, as the Department of Justice (DOJ) under President Joe Biden’s administration is allegedly seeking to imprison Devon Archer, an ex-business partner of Hunter Biden, before he has the opportunity to testify. The situation raises concerns about the potential suppression of witness testimonies and the existence of political motives within the DOJ.


Devon Archer, a longtime associate of Hunter Biden, found himself at the center of a high-profile scandal related to the Ukrainian energy company, Burisma Holdings. Both Hunter Biden and Archer were directors of Burisma at one point, leading to accusations of potential influence peddling and conflicts of interest. The New York Post published emails in October 2020, supposedly recovered from Hunter Biden’s laptop, which implicated Archer and others in these alleged activities.

The Alleged Suppression

It is now being reported that Archer, who was originally scheduled to testify in a case involving his co-conspirator, Bevan Cooney, is instead facing the possibility of being jailed by the DOJ. Archer’s legal team claims that the DOJ is employing aggressive tactics to prevent Archer’s testimony, potentially denying the public critical information about the alleged practices and dealings of the Biden family.

Implications and Concerns

The DOJ’s apparent effort to incarcerate Archer before his testimony raises concerns about the erosion of due process and transparency. It suggests the possibility of suppressing evidence or preventing witnesses from presenting crucial information. Such actions, if confirmed, would undoubtedly fuel accusations of politically-driven motives influencing the DOJ’s decision-making process.

Critics argue that this move reflects an attempt to shield Hunter Biden and other high-profile individuals associated with him from legal scrutiny. Supporters of Archer believe that this suppression directly undermines the principles of justice and runs counter to the Biden administration’s commitment to transparency and accountability.

Political Motivations

The timing of the DOJ’s alleged efforts to silence Archer is significant. It comes at a time when the Biden administration is actively pushing its policy agenda and grappling with multiple domestic and international challenges. The prospect of an investigation into Hunter Biden’s business dealings potentially eclipsing the agenda and deflecting attention away from other crucial issues may motivate some politically-driven actions.

While the Biden administration has consistently pledged to restore independence to the DOJ, critics argue that the actions being taken against Devon Archer may call into question these commitments. This situation is reminiscent of controversies under previous administrations, where it was alleged that the DOJ acted to protect influential figures within the government or their close associates.


The attempt by the Biden DOJ to imprison Devon Archer before he can testify in a high-profile case raises numerous questions regarding the integrity, transparency, and independence of the justice system under the current administration. If these allegations hold true, it would be a grave concern for those who advocate for equal application of the law and an open, fair judicial process.

The American public deserves to know the truth about any potential wrongdoings by public figures, regardless of their political affiliation. The alleged attempts to silence Archer before he can testify only serve to further erode public trust in the justice system and fuel speculation of political influence in high-profile cases. The credibility and independence of the DOJ must be upheld to ensure justice is served, and due process is respected.

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