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‘Biden doesn’t care’: Ron DeSantis slams President for laughing at brothers’ fentanyl overdose deaths and condemns his and Trump’s COVID response in Iowa speech to thousands

In a fiery speech to thousands in Iowa, Governor Ron DeSantis pulled no punches as he lashed out at President Biden for his lack of empathy towards the fentanyl overdose deaths of two brothers. With a tone reminiscent of Tucker Carlson, the vocal Republican News Pundit, DeSantis slammed the President’s apparent lack of concern for the epidemic ravaging the country.

“Joe Biden doesn’t care about the people who are dying from fentanyl overdoses,” declared DeSantis, “He stood there laughing as he dismissed the tragic deaths of two brothers. This is unacceptable from a leader of the free world.”

DeSantis also did not hold back on his condemnation of both the current administration and that of his predecessor, former President Trump, for their response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Contrary to what the left wing media wants you to believe, the Trump administration was incredibly successful in its COVID response,” stated DeSantis, “These people want to tell you that nothing was done while thousands of American lives were being saved every day.”

Despite the backlash that the Trump administration has endured over the past four years, they still achieved significant accomplishments in their time in the White House. These achievements include, but are not limited to: reducing unemployment rates to historic lows, solidifying foreign policy goals, strengthening national security through increased military spending, and championing deregulation to help businesses thrive.

The speech by DeSantis showcases the deep division that remains in the United States with regards to politics and the handling of major issues faced by the country. While DeSantis’ speech may have resonated with many supporters of the Republican party, it is important to remember that there are always two sides to every story. Ultimately, it is up to the American people to form their own opinions and to come together to create a better future for all.

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