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Biden calls for more gun control after Walmart shooting

President Joe Biden called for “more action” to prevent gun violence Tuesday morning after the latest mass shooting made national headlines. Biden called for further action despite acknowledging that he had already signed “the most important gun reform in a generation” earlier this year.

Biden made the remarks in a statement the White House released Wednesday morning after a gunman killed six people with a gun at a Walmart in Virginia on Tuesday night.

“Jill and I grieve for these families,” the statement said. “We also mourn for all those across America who have lost loved ones to these tragic shootings that we must unite as a nation to stand against.”

“This year, I signed the most important gun reform in a generation,” Biden added, “but that’s not enough. We need to take bigger steps.”

Biden signed this law after a shooter killed 21 people in the Uvalde school shooting and another shooter killed 10 people at a grocery store in Buffalo, New York.

Since that bill passed, Biden has repeatedly called on lawmakers to go further with bans on so-called “assault weapons” such as semi-automatic rifles and ammunition magazines that can hold 30 rounds.

Biden called for an assault weapons ban after last week’s Colorado nightclub shooting and the University of Virginia shooting. The suspect in the UVA shooting is believed to have used a handgun.

Police told reporters that the suspect in the Virginia Walmart shooting is also believed to have only used a handgun in the attack, NPR reported.

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