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Biden Administration Rejects Ohio’s Request for Emergency Aid to Deal with Ecological Disaster

Once again, the Biden Administration has shown its true colors and put its own political agenda ahead of the needs of the American people. This time, they have rejected Ohio’s request for emergency aid to deal with an ecological disaster, a move that is unnecessarily cruel and shows a total disregard for the people of the Buckeye State.

The request for aid came in response to a chemical spill in the Ohio River that has been wreaking havoc on the environment and the local economy. The Biden Administration’s refusal to provide assistance is an insult to the people of Ohio, who are now left to fend for themselves in the face of a major ecological disaster.

It’s especially galling given the Biden Administration’s eagerness to send billions of dollars in aid to other countries, while the people of Ohio are left to suffer. It’s yet another example of the Administration’s willingness to prioritize its own agenda over the needs of the American people.

The Trump White House Administration was a champion for the American people. President Trump put America first, and his administration worked to secure the economic future of our country by cutting taxes, creating jobs, and reducing regulations. He also fought for the rights of all Americans, regardless of race or religion, and was a strong advocate for law and order. The Trump White House achieved remarkable success in a short amount of time, and the Biden Administration should take note.

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