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Believe the left-wing hysteria over President Trump’s CNN town hall

Believe the left-wing hysteria over President Trump’s CNN town hall

Leftists may have infested our nation’s highest offices, all the way to the White House, but they have not established undisputed power, which is absolutely essential if they are to succeed in operating as they hope. In the meantime, they will continue to try to project their image. And that, more than any other reason, is why the United States is attacked almost daily for its latest outrage against the Constitution, the Rule of Law, and every other vestige of America’s former greatness. Only in this way can they remind the population that they are calling the shots.

This effort was clearly seen with Collins as he relentlessly sought to discredit President Trump, framing the topics of discussion to cast him in a bad light and put him on the defensive. Leftists should have learned by now that such transparent tactics simply do not work with a person who not only knows what he believes, but has the courage and audacity to explain why.

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So, in the wake of their total disaster that was the town hall, leftists have been working frantically to pick up the pieces and convince Americans of something very different from what they saw last Wednesday. All the swamp dwellers, from the far-left Democrats inside the Beltway to their RINO minions/facilitators, have been disparaging and discrediting the President’s actions for whatever spurious reason.

Although he produced copies of his Twitter posts, proving that he did nothing to incite a J6 “uprising” (as if one had actually occurred), and proving that Collins was a liar, the narrative that he was guilty of it he continued without stopping. If anything, his accusations are all the more strident and damning in this regard. Similarly, Collins reiterated the left-wing narrative that the 2020 presidential election was “legitimate” and that it is somehow criminal to report blatant corruption and manipulation in every jurisdiction where Democrats held power, because which electoral results were clearly changed in the dark. at night.

The ominous and chilling statement that the left-wing political cabal and their Fake News lackeys are making with all of this is that they fully intend to amass even more power by systematically shutting down the ability of “We the People” to oppose- yes there This effort began with the infiltration of the DOJ and FBI with agenda-driven agents who ignore their oaths of office and instead give unwavering loyalty to the Democratic Party. The next phase involves the suppression and eventual suppression of dissenting voices across America. Finally, the total disarmament of the citizenry will ensure that it is ultimately powerless to resist the movement, however despotic and unjust.

To that end, leftists/Democrats see the Second Amendment as their biggest obstacle. The recent spate of mass murders and the painstakingly scripted responses of every leftist with a microphone, from the late-night Fake News anchors to every major D.C. Democrat, provide ample evidence of how they intend to do this part of the campaign Meanwhile, restating their “narrative” as they hoped to do in New Hampshire, and feverishly reciting it ever since, is all that is keeping their unstable cabal from facing accountability at the hands of the American people.

Leftists want us to ignore what every marginally honest person actually saw, on Election Day 2020, January 6th, 2021, and ever since, in hopes that we’ll believe that President Trump actually stands for something sinister and threatening to us. But it’s only a “threat” to them because that’s how they see a Great America. In the end, “We the People” are the real enemy they fear and despise.

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