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Bannon Crushes Project Veritas Board on ‘Charlie Kirk Show’ – Steve Bannon’s War Room: Pandemic

On October 6th, 2020, Steve Bannon, the former White House Chief Strategist, appeared on the Charlie Kirk Show to discuss the latest developments in his war against Project Veritas. Bannon has been highly critical of the organization in recent months, accusing them of being a “political hit squad” and of “trying to take down the President.” During the interview, Bannon expressed his disdain for the organization, saying that their tactics are “anti-American” and that they are “trying to undermine our democracy.”

Bannon went on to explain that Project Veritas is a “political action committee” that is funded by wealthy individuals and corporations. He then went on to accuse them of “engaging in a campaign of lies and deception” in order to “undermine the President and his agenda.” Bannon also noted that the organization is attempting to “manufacture false stories” in order to discredit the President.

Bannon then proceeded to criticize the organization’s board of directors, saying that they are “not qualified” to lead the organization. He noted that Project Veritas has a “lack of transparency” and that their board members are “not held accountable.” Bannon then went on to call for the organization to be “shut down” and for its board members to be “held to account.”

Bannon’s comments on the Charlie Kirk Show are sure to be controversial, as Project Veritas has been a highly controversial organization in recent months. However, Bannon’s criticism of the organization is likely to be welcomed by many, as it highlights the need for greater transparency and accountability in organizations like Project Veritas. It remains to be seen how Project Veritas will respond to Bannon’s criticisms, but it is clear that Bannon is not afraid to take on powerful organizations like Project Veritas.

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