Backlash As OREO Releases Odd Woke LGBTQ Advert – NewsWars

Backlash As OREO Releases Odd Woke LGBTQ Advert – NewsWars

In yet another example of a multinational company glomming on to a current social hot topic in order to hawk its products, Oreo has released an advert with an LGBTQ story in it.

The video shows an Asian boy preparing to tell his grandmother that he’s gay, after being encouraged by his mother. Oh, and the boy’s sister eats an Oreo.

“Coming out doesn’t happen just once,” Oreo tweeted, adding “It’s a journey that needs love and courage every step of the way.”

The ad was produced in conjunction with PFLAG, which describes itself as the “first and largest organization uniting parents, families, and allies with people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer.”

The organisation is allied with corporations including Verizon, Walmart, and Hallmark.

But he question remains, what the hell does sexual orientation and the struggle associated with that have to do with chocolate cookies?

Nothing obviously, it’s just another example of woke obsessives using eager corporations to push their agenda.

This isn’t the first time Oreo has done this:

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