Adam Andrzejewski | The Depth of the Swamp

Adam Andrzejewski is the founder and CEO of, the world’s largest database of public sector spending, whether at the federal, state, or local level. Hillsdale College National Leadership Seminars are held in various locations across the country two to three times each year and address issues of politics, economics, and culture.

In the Age of AI – FRONTLINE

A documentary exploring how artificial intelligence is changing life as we know it — from jobs to privacy to a growing rivalry between the U.S. and China. FRONTLINE investigates the promise and perils of AI and automation, tracing a new industrial revolution that will reshape and disrupt our world, and allow the emergence of a […]

Pfizer mRNA Vaccine Safety Concerns and a brief history of mRNA Vaccines

The FDA received and reviewed the Pfizer manuscript for a class IIb non-Hodgkins Lymphoma vaccine. It was found that the combination of astragulus and a caspase, a type of protein used in making many kinds of blood clotting factors, caused a condition known as panleukopenia. It is a type of autoimmune disease characterized by an […]

US Voter Fraud in 2020 Might Be Worse Than We Remember

Aides to Rudy Giuliani say that there will be widespread US voter fraud in the next presidential election. They stated that over the last eight years, there’s been an unprecedented level of voter fraud, mainly of non-citizen immigrants voting illegally. If you did not actually see it for yourself, you have heard about it probably […]

Calif. father arrested in death investigation of two kids

Calif. father arrested in death investigation of two kids

The Lancaster, California home where the crime took place. Courtesy KTLA OAN NewsroomUPDATED 3:15 PM PT – Sunday, December 5, 2020 Authorities are investigating a California father who is suspected of the murder of his two young children. On Friday, 34-year-old Maurice Taylor Sr. was arrested after police reportedly found the bodies of his 12-year-old […]

Sen. Bill Cassidy says relief bill is not a stimulus package

Sen. Bill Cassidy says relief bill is not a stimulus package

Republican Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA) speaks during a press conference after Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed by the Senate as the 115th justice to the Supreme Court on Capitol Hill, October 26, 2020 in Washington, DC. (Photo by OLIVIER DOULIERY/POOL/AFP via Getty Images) OAN NewsroomUPDATED 2:20 PM PT – Sunday, December […]