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Three teenagers escaped the Howard Springs quarantine camp in the Northern Territory of Australia early Wednesday morning, sparking a massive search operation.

Aged 15, 16 and 17, the teen boys are from an aboriginal community called Binjari where they were placed into the camp after being marked as close contacts of positive cases in the area.

Despite the fact that all three escapees tested negative for Covid the day before they broke out, police conducted a major operation to find them.

Masked officers stopped citizens at checkpoints and searched their vehicles for the runaway kids.

See a photo of the camp below:

Eventually, law enforcement captured the teenagers and arrested them.

The three boys will “face a sanction” for the jailbreak as breaking quarantine carries a $5000 fine in Australia.

Now, they might have to stay at the quarantine even longer, as NT Chief Minister Michael Gunner said, “Absconding from Howard Springs isn’t just dangerous — it is incredibly stupid. Because we will catch you and there will be consequences.” 

While a trio of teens who were known to be Covid-negative escaping the quarantine camp made headlines worldwide, mainstream media and establishment politicians want the people to think Australians are happy to stay in the camps.

The Wurli-Wurlinjang Aboriginal Health Service, which provides health care to the residents of Binjari, released a statement claiming social media users are making untrue comments about citizens being placed into camps by the military.

“We have been treated with a lot of respect and appreciate all the support being given by these support personnel people,” the statement reads. “We are in lockdown because we’re in the biggest fight of our lives. We’re trying to keep safe. People on social media saying that our people are being mistreated need to realise their comments are hurting the very people they claim to care about.”

However, it’s clear that not all residents in the area want the military dragging them to Covid camps, especially when they haven’t even tested positive.

Chief Minister Gunner told Northern Territory citizens last month, “We are grateful for the support of about 20 ADF personnel, as well as army trucks to assist with the transfer of positive cases and close contacts – and to support the communities.”

So, if the government is treating people with so much respect and helping them fight for their lives, why are so many taking risks to get out of the camps?

On Wednesday, a man in the Australian state of Tasmania was captured after escaping a quarantine hotel.

A 27-year-old man managed to clandestinely leave the Howard Springs quarantine camp just days ago, but he was also caught by police.

Last week, a woman was arrested and charged with arson in Queensland, Australia after allegedly setting fire to the hotel where she and her two kids were forced to quarantine for two weeks.

A few weeks ago, Australian law enforcement vehemently searched for a 35-year-old woman who supposedly walked out of a quarantine hotel in South Australia.

Governments around the world are becoming increasingly totalitarian with each passing day just as the engineers of the Great Reset intended.

See the full 9 News Australia report on the daring escape below:


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