Austin City Officials Spent $23K on Gift Cards for Anti-Police Organization – IOTW Report

Texas Scorecard:

“We’ve seen paid protestors, paid voters, now paid panels of police bashers.”

Forget using tax dollars on roads and public infrastructure. Instead, Democrat-run Austin City Hall is funneling your hard-earned money to their preferred political activists.

Back in March, city hall’s Chief Equity Officer Brion Oaks sent an email to local anti-police organization Grassroots Leadership, discussing a plan to purchase Visa gift cards with public funds and offer them to citizens specifically selected by the organization.

The cards would be a cash incentive to get their preferred people to testify at an upcoming virtual public meeting on police “reimagining.”

“Grassroots Leadership proposes to provide stipends in the form of gift cards for participation of community members in the [city-appointed Reimagining Public Safety] Task Force Community Listening Session to be held Saturday, April 10,” read a memo to the city.

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