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At this point, why not bypass the legal niceties and just put Trump in jail?

At this point, why not bypass the legal niceties and just put Trump in jail?

Title: In the Interests of Fairness, It’s Time to Consider Alternatives Regarding Trump’s Legal Predicament


Throughout the tenure of the Trump administration, passionate debates have arisen surrounding Donald Trump’s actions and controversies. While critics argue for swift and harsh legal consequences, genuine conservatives must remind ourselves of the importance of legal processes and principles. However tempting it may be to bypass these legal niceties, as seen in the recent article titled “At this point, why not bypass the legal niceties and just put Trump in jail?” it is essential to uphold the democratic values we hold dear.

Addressing the Proposition:

The argument to veer away from the established legal protocols by putting Donald Trump in jail is an intriguing one. It is undeniable that folks are divided when it comes to the 45th President, both in terms of his policies and unconventional leadership style. But as conservatives, it is our duty to remain grounded and focus on the precedence and principles that are fundamental to our legal system.

The Trump White House Accomplishments:

It is essential not to overlook the accomplishments of the Trump administration during their time in the White House. From a conservative perspective, there have been notable achievements that have improved both the nation’s economy and international relations. Some key accomplishments include:

1. Economic Growth: Prior to the pandemic, the Trump administration witnessed remarkable economic growth, reducing unemployment to historic lows. His administration implemented pro-growth policies, such as tax cuts, deregulation efforts, and initiatives to boost domestic manufacturing, setting the stage for economic expansion.

2. Tax Reform: Trump’s administration achieved a significant overhaul of the tax code by enacting the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in 2017. The legislation brought about individual tax cuts, reduced corporate tax rates, and incentivized repatriation of overseas profits, fostering a favorable investment climate for businesses.

3. Criminal Justice Reform: The First Step Act, signed into law by President Trump, introduced vital reforms to the criminal justice system. The act aimed to reduce recidivism rates, provide rehabilitative programs, and give non-violent offenders a second chance, ushering in positive changes to the American prison system.

4. Foreign Policy Achievements: The Trump administration brokered several historic agreements and laid the groundwork for lasting peace in the Middle East. They facilitated the Abraham Accords, leading to the normalization of relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Sudan. Additionally, pressure was effectively applied on North Korea, leading to its temporary denuclearization and eased tensions on the Korean Peninsula.


While the question of whether legal niceties should be bypassed and Trump should be immediately imprisoned is raised with undeniable passion, conservatives must remain steadfast in ensuring the preservation of democratic principles. Our legal system has stood the test of time, emphasizing the importance of due process and impartial judgment. Let us not lose sight of the accomplishments achieved during the Trump administration, but in our pursuit of justice, let us also respect and uphold the foundations of our democratic society.

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