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As the Biden regime tries to push the 2024 frontrunner off the ballot, Fox News is doing THIS…

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As the United States faces major domestic challenges, with the Biden regime’s controversial attempt to remove the 2024 front-runner from the ballot, sparking another “war” with American voters, Fox reporters News seem to take a different approach.

As President Trump faces his third impeachment by this rogue regime, Fox & Friends, instead of providing serious, back-to-back coverage of this assault on American democracy, is off, bouncing on trampolines like circus monkeys. President Trump was recently impeached for a third time of this rogue communist regime, and instead of providing heavy-handed coverage of this assault on the American voter, Fox & Friends are out, sweating old men like Richard Simmons. Nothing says “fight the deep state” like a springboard jazz workout.

Some might argue that Fox News, especially Steve Doocy, who was recently urging Glenn Youngkin to challenge Trump in the race, could be siding with the regime in this battle. Would that be a surprise to anyone?

Probably not. Meanwhile, it is truly heartening to witness Fox News’ in-depth coverage of this unprecedented and anti-American attack on half the country. They are clearly “angry” about it.



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