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As Evidence Emerges In Hunter Biden Probe, Investigators See A Political Protection Racket

John Solomon, co-host of Just The News, No Noise, has joined Steve Bannon’s War Room to discuss the numerous incriminating pieces of evidence that have come to light as a result of the Hunter Biden probe. According to Bannon, it now seems that there is a “racketeering effort to protect” Hunter Biden.

“Two things are happening: we are beginning to understand just how extensive the influence peddling scheme was for the Biden family, involving a dozen members and tens of millions of dollars passing through LLCs. This part was much larger than we had anticipated when I first began breaking these stories in 2019… Now we are starting to see just how hard the Biden machine worked to suppress this information, even to the point of lying to Congress, according to Senators Johnson and Grassley.”

The original post can be found at Stephen K Bannon’s War Room.

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