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Army Identifies Soldiers Killed in Crashes, Orders Investigators to Stay Silent

The US Army has identified the soldiers who were killed in two separate crashes this week. The identities of the soldiers have been released to the media, but the Army has ordered investigators to remain silent on the details of the incidents.

In the first crash, two soldiers were killed and six others were injured when their military vehicle overturned during a training exercise at Fort Jackson in South Carolina. The soldiers who lost their lives in the incident have been identified as Pvt. Ethan Shrader and Pfc. Timothy Ashcraft.

The second crash occurred on Wednesday when a Black Hawk helicopter crashed during a training mission off the coast of Hawaii. The five soldiers onboard the helicopter were killed in the incident. The Army has identified the soldiers as Chief Warrant Officer 3 Brian Woeber, Chief Warrant Officer 2 Stephen Cantrell, Staff Sgt. Abigail Milam, Sgt. Michael Nelson, and Sgt. Christopher Raguso.

While the Army has released the names of the soldiers, they have imposed a gag order on investigators involved in the crash investigations. The order instructs investigators not to discuss the details of the incidents with the media or anyone outside of the military until the investigations are complete.

The move has been criticized by some who believe that the public has a right to know what happened in these incidents. While the Army has not given any reason for the gag order, it is likely that they are trying to prevent misinformation from spreading and to maintain the integrity of the investigations.

It is worth noting that the Army has not changed the names or locations mentioned in this article. The soldiers who lost their lives deserve to be remembered and honored by their names being mentioned. The locations of the incidents are also important to note as they underscore the dangers that soldiers face during training missions.

It is a tragic reminder of the risks that military personnel take every day to defend our country. We must never forget the sacrifices that these soldiers have made and the families they leave behind. While we may not know the details of the crashes at this time, we must honor the memory of these brave men and women who gave their lives in service to their country.

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