Are Democrats planning to steal the impeachment?

Are Democrats planning to steal the impeachment?

The tumultuous wake of the crime of the millennium, aka the irrefutable theft of the 2020 Presidential election, has left millions of Americans outraged and incredulous. In a land where justice for all has been a daily pledge of its citizenry and politicians for decades on end, patriots find themselves supine and bewildered by a thickly woven mat of corruption, deftly yanked from beneath their feet. Could it be that those very same perpetrators are preparing to kick Americans while they’re down and spit on them for good measure, thus adding insult to injury in the form of impeachment fraud?

All the hallmarks of their original heinousness are there. Note, for example, Fox News’ preemptive propagandizing, eerily evocative of an election night back stab that cost them a paltry 40% of their viewership. Meanwhile, the usual mob of mainstream media outlets are up to their old tricks, bum rushing any and everyone with their fake facts and false narratives, rearing back to hit people over the head, just as they did prior to the election with their over-weighted polls.

Video evidence be damned, anti-Trump political partisans easily duck and weave the frail counter punches to their attacks, impervious to such volleys. The legal groundwork for a second assault has even been laid in the same manner as with the election, allowing the attackers to sidestep, or simply trample over existing law with ad hoc distortions and misinterpretations.

On election night Trump supporters were standing tall, confident that their cause was righteous and truth would inevitably render them victorious. Still, they were unprepared for the impending sucker punch that would leave them doubled over in agony and gasping for air. At just the right moment, RINOs cunningly charged forth from the marshy undergrowth and bowled over hapless Trumpists sending them reeling, and there’s no reason to believe there do not exist more members of their herd lurking in wait to repeat the vicious tactic. Once again, gluttons for punishment in anti-impeachment camp are sanguinely remounting their high horse, utterly unprepared for yet another low blow.

As I illustrated in a previous article, it is simply folly to suspect the forces behind the impeachment won’t brazenly jump the shark once again. The fact that there have been absolutely no consequences in response to their heinous attack on our election can only serve to embolden and provoke such repeat offenses. Motives need not be obvious or thought out. Like a cowardly sneak attack from an Antifa thug on an unsuspecting elderly couple in a cafe, such wanton acts are often as senseless as they are violent.

Practically speaking, Trump poses no threat to a party that increasingly rules the country with an iron fist of absolute power. The 2024 election is an eternity away in such circumstances, and any Vegas odds maker worth a penny would not be wasting time contemplating the odds of whether Trump might win the epic rematch that would be the next election. Astute gamblers would certainly find it more profitable to spend their time calculating the likelihood that there will even be one.

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Are Democrats planning to steal the impeachment?

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