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Another climate hoax discredited in Italy? A police drone catches suspected arsonists in the act…

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The media and the left always go into “climate catastrophe” mode every summer. Suddenly, the hot summer weather turns into “deadly climate change” and the weather maps start to look like the bowels of hell are opening up and swallowing the earth whole.

Every time there’s a wildfire, like the ones we just saw in Canada, climate junkies start spewing the same tired lies over and over again about how “climate” is causing all these fires to spontaneously break out. In reality, they are always incendiary or lightning.

And instantly, wildfires in Sicily and Sardinia are being blamed on “climate change.”

India Times:

From wildfires in Sicily to violent storms in the north, Italy is facing a climate change crisis with casualties, evacuations and environmental damage.

Extreme weather has unleashed its fury on Italy, leaving destruction and tragedy in its wake. Many regions of the country have also called for a state of emergency. In Sicily, wildfires have been raging, further exacerbating the island’s struggle with a prolonged heat wave. Record temperatures of more than 47.5 ºC (117 ºF) in Catania ..

However, once again, it looks like these latest wildfires in Italy are less about the “weather” and more about a suspected arsonist who was caught on a police drone camera.

These days, it’s almost impossible to get a “straight” story out of the mainstream media. It is very clear that they have a climate agenda that needs to be pushed forward. If you don’t toe the line and believe the fires are being started by climate change, you are labeled a “conspiracy theorist” and a climate denier. Meanwhile, real people are being arrested for starting many of these fires, but according to the radical climate fanatics, you’re not allowed to believe your own eyes.



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