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Angry Leftist Woman Spits All Over Riley Gaines |

Texas Governor Greg Abbott recently held a ceremony where he signed a new state law called the “Save Women’s Sports Act.” This law prevents biological males from competing against females in college sports.

As you can imagine, liberals are absolutely bored by this. There were hundreds of angry protesters outside the ceremony, and things quickly got out of hand when star athlete Riley Gaines stormed out of the building. The crazed protesters verbally assaulted Gaines and the others with him, some of them small children, and a woman wearing a pink ski mask even spat at them.

From the US holder:

A pair of champion Division I female athletes, Riley Gaines and Paula Scanlan, were assaulted and spat on by “angry” protesters at the Texas “Save Women’s Sports Act” signing.

According to Michelle Evans, leader of the Austin chapter of the Independent Women’s Network, the protest, which consisted of about 250 people, quickly got out of hand, Fox News reported.

“It was, I guess the best word to describe them was they were rabid.”

Evans quickly noticed the mob throwing things at him.

“When I turned around to go back inside the building, that’s when someone threw water on me,” Evans recalled.

“Someone told me they know where I live. There was someone standing in front of me trying to physically stop me from going back in and pushing their body against mine. Someone hit my arm and then someone, a woman in a pink ski mask and sunglasses spat in my open eye.”

According to Evans, the suspect was taken into custody.

Good grief, these people are behaving like wild animals.

I understand the right to protest, but have some decorum, people.

Yelling obscenities, especially around small children, and spitting on people is just disgusting behavior and certainly doesn’t help anyone on their side.


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