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An armed citizen thwarts a robbery and doesn’t even spill his beer [VIDEO]

An armed citizen thwarts a robbery and doesn’t even spill his beer [VIDEO]

In a startling incident that underscored the importance of the Second Amendment, a customer at a convenience store in the US responded with quick reflexes when a criminal threatened the safety of those present. And he did it without dropping his six pack.

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The customer, perusing the corridors with a pack of beer in hand, found himself in the midst of an alarming situation when Cordelius Anthony Martin, a convicted felon, attempted what appeared to be an audacious act of criminality. Without hesitation and with remarkable calm, the customer drew his concealed firearm and took action.
The scene, captured on the store’s surveillance system, shows a clear example of a citizen exercising his Second Amendment rights to defend himself and others from potential harm.

Several conservative advocates have pointed to cases like this one to emphasize the importance of an armed citizenry, especially when immediate threats arise, the police are minutes away.

The suspect was hit in the face, back and arm, but survived the incident and is currently being held on $10,000 bond.

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The customer’s actions ensured that no innocent bystanders or store employees were harmed during the incident.

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