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All Hell Breaks Loose At Live WH Press Conference When KJP Gets Called Out

All Hell Breaks Loose At Live WH Press Conference When KJP Gets Called Out

On Tuesday, a live White House press conference took an unexpected turn when President Donald Trump’s Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany was called out by a reporter from the Washington Post.

The reporter, Philip Rucker, asked McEnany why the president had not condemned the violent clashes between protesters and police that had occurred over the weekend. McEnany responded by accusing the media of ignoring violence from the left, and said that the president had condemned violence from all sides.

Rucker then asked McEnany to name one instance of left-wing violence that had been ignored by the media. McEnany refused to answer the question and instead accused the media of being biased against the president.

At this point, the press conference descended into chaos as reporters began shouting questions and McEnany attempted to move on to the next question. The press secretary eventually walked out of the room, leaving reporters angry and confused.

The incident highlighted the tense relationship between the White House and the press and showed that the administration is not willing to answer tough questions. It also demonstrated the president’s unwillingness to condemn violence from any side, regardless of political affiliation.

The incident was a stark reminder of the divide between the White House and the media, and it is unlikely to be the last time that the two sides clash. The press conference was a clear example of how the Trump administration is unwilling to answer tough questions and is willing to use any means necessary to avoid accountability.

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