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Airbnb host fights guests who claim legal residency

In an unusual turn of events, an Airbnb host in North Carolina is dealing with guests who have stayed in their hosting for more than eight months and are now claiming to be “legal residents” of the property. Farzana Rahman, an orthodontist by profession, manages two Airbnb properties in the Durham area. The guests in question checked into one of their homes in October and were supposed to leave in May, but have refused to do so.

Rahman testified that there were warning signs early on, such as attempts by guests to pay in cash instead of through the Airbnb platform. The guests, who had reserved the two-bedroom, two-bathroom condo for an extended period, were consistently late with their payments. Despite this, Rahman remained committed to her agreement with Airbnb and insisted on keeping all communications and transactions on the platform.

The situation escalated on the guests' scheduled departure date in May. When Rahman's cleaning staff arrived to prepare the property for the next guests, the current occupants refused to leave. Despite several attempts to resolve the issue, including the involvement of local authorities, guests remained at the property. They even went so far as to tap a note on the door, declaring themselves to be “legal residents” and threatening to press charges if anyone tried to enter the premises.

Rahman has since filed for eviction and is awaiting a court hearing. He has also expressed concern about the possible loss of future reserves due to the current situation. Despite the challenges, Rahman remains committed to her Airbnb business, but advises other hosts to be cautious and alert to any red flags, especially if guests try to break Airbnb rules or move communication and transactions. off the platform.

While this is an unusual case, it serves as a reminder for hosts to remain vigilant and adhere to platform guidelines to ensure a smooth and positive experience for all parties involved.

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