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After Trump’s Third Impeachment, Darren Beattie Explains Why Biden’s America Is No Better Than Uganda…

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On Thursday, President Trump once again found himself in the belly of The Swamp; charged and prosecuted under yet another trumped-up charge orchestrated by the desperate and immoral Biden regime. This time, the allegations are nothing but comical: they now accuse Trump of conspiring to overthrow an election, all in relation to the events of January 6.

Revolver’s own Darren Beattie is watching this unfolding nightmare closely and believes the regime has turned the J6 committee report into an “indictment”. Darren says it’s like they’ve “copied and pasted” it word for word. This move would certainly shed light on the motives behind the relentless efforts of RINOs like Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, who lead this political circus. Beattie also highlights how these absurd and unfair charges against a political adversary have tragically degraded the United States of America, comparing us to “shithole” countries like Tunisia or Uganda. This is a topic discussed on Revolver after the first false accusation in a provocative piece.


Why do people make the “banana republic” comparison? Because historically in the US, presidents and party leaders are not arrested. By contrast, the use of a “new legal theory” to arrest a declared presidential candidate is substantially more common in the more, er, “flawed” democracies of the Global South. It’s the kind of behavior America has a long history of lecturing other countries about, and don’t worry, they’re definitely happy to remind us.

But as America has invited the rest of the world within its borders, it has also become like the rest of the world.

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Darren appeared on War Room to discuss this latest accusation from Trump, and also to delve into how exactly every sham arrest the regime makes brings the US one step closer to “Uganda” territory.

I will see:

The only good news in all of this is that these desperate politically driven arrests of the opposition are really upping the ante for the Deep State.



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