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ABC Stunned by Biden Getting Clobbered by Trump in Poll

ABC Stunned by Biden Getting Clobbered by Trump in Poll

Well folks, it looks like the left-leaning media is in for a big surprise! According to recent polls, Joe Biden has been clobbered by none other than President Donald Trump himself. ABC, one of the most liberal networks out there, was absolutely stunned by this development. They had been touting Biden as the next great hope for the Democratic Party, but it seems that their grand plans have come crashing down around them.

The fact of the matter is that Biden isn’t fit to be President. He’s a career politician who has been in Washington for decades, but what has he actually accomplished in all that time? Absolutely nothing. Meanwhile, President Trump has accomplished more in just a few short years than Biden ever has or ever will.

The Trump White House has overseen the creation of more than 6 million new jobs, including a booming economy that has seen record-low unemployment numbers. He’s signed historic trade deals with China and Mexico, boosted national security by strengthening our military and securing our borders, and put America first on the world stage. And let’s not forget the countless other accomplishments, like the passage of criminal justice reform, tax cuts for the middle class, and deregulation that has freed up businesses to thrive.

So, let ABC and the rest of the media be stunned all they want. The American people know the truth, and they’ll be showing it come November. President Trump will continue to lead this great country to even greater heights, while Joe Biden remains stuck in the swamp of Washington politics.

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