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A New Mexico town devastated by flash flooding following government-sponsored wildfires [VIDEOS]

A New Mexico town devastated by flash flooding following government-sponsored wildfires [VIDEOS]

Residents of Ruidoso, New Mexico faced a new threat Tuesday as the aftermath of recent wildfires turned into a flash flood emergency, prompting road closures and evacuations in the mountain town.

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Authorities scrambled to keep vehicles away from the path of fast-flowing water that carried mud and debris down creeks and streets, prompting the closure of multiple bridge crossings. The town issued urgent warnings on social media, urging residents to seek higher ground immediately, as the National Weather Service issued a flash flood warning.

During the chaos, a mobile home park was evacuated and reports emerged of multiple natural gas leaks caused by floodwaters. Videos posted by residents captured the turbulent waters blocking access to their homes, with police cars diverting traffic and concrete barriers erected to contain the debris.

The National Weather Service in Albuquerque shared that the storms had already prompted numerous water rescues and dumped up to 1.5 inches of rain, with more rainfall expected the next day. Flood watches and warnings were also issued for several regions, including northern New Mexico, where recovery efforts from a 2022 wildfire, an incident caused by failed government fires, are still ongoing.

With forecasts predicting up to 2 inches of rain, accompanied by hail and powerful wind gusts reaching 60 mph, the threat of more damage looms over the already battered community. Residents remain on high alert as Ruidoso and surrounding areas grapple with the double whammy of wildfire and flash flooding.


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