A $6 Trillion Budget?! – IOTW Report

A  Trillion Budget?! – IOTW Report

PATRIOT RETORT: Apparently a $28 Trillion Federal Debt just isn’t high enough for dopey old Joe Biden. Yesterday it was revealed that the old coot, who apparently thinks trillions grows on trees, is planning to present Congress with a $6 Trillion budget for next year.

Nothing says “I’m a moderate” like introducing a $6 Trillion budget, am I right?

This budget is so enormous total public debt would exceed the US economy.

In other words, there isn’t enough money in our entire economy to cover the cost of the national debt.

Sure, he plans to increase taxes by $3 Trillion over the next decade. But tell me, how will that pay for a $6 Trillion budget for one friggin’ year? MORE

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