6 RINOs Who Must Be Ousted In 2022 – IOTW Report

6 RINOs Who Must Be Ousted In 2022 – IOTW Report

Blue State Conservative-

#6:  Maryland Governor Larry Hogan

PF: For those who argue that Larry Hogan is governor in a deep-blue state and that it’s better to have a RINO than a Democrat, I would ask you to look at Maryland’s next-door neighbor to the south. Virginia is also a deep-blue state, and one in which a true conservative named Glenn Youngkin was elected governor only four months ago; and he beat his Democratic opponent handily, in fact.

Perhaps it’s because Hogan is in a blue state that he decided to engage in an outrageous display of virtue signaling a few days ago. Since Maryland heavily favors Democrats, maybe Hogan felt it necessary to inexplicably attack Ron DeSantis and Florida’s parental rights protection bill. Perhaps Hogan’s trying to protect himself from losing votes and that’s why he has yet to veto a bill that would increase the number of abortions in his state.

But no matter how you cut it, Larry Hogan is far from conservative, and in most ways he’s no different from a Democrat. Maryland Republican voters should insist that Hogan governs like a Republican and not a woke Democrat. I probably sound like a broken record, but it’s true: Conservatism works. Whether we’re talking about fiscal policy or social issues, conservatism is effective and logical, and it’s worth fighting for. 


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