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500 pounds of pasta dumped in the woods of a New Jersey town – One America News Network

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OAN Roy Francis
2:13 PM – Friday, May 5, 2023

The Spaghetti Monster has reportedly struck New Jersey and dumped 500 pounds of pasta by a stream near Veterans Park in Old Bridge Township.


Hundreds of pounds of pasta were found piled high near the stream on April 28th, leaving authorities and residents scratching their heads. Authorities have yet to identify whether it was one person or multiple individuals who had dumped the hundreds of pounds of angel hair, elbow macaroni, ziti, and other varieties of pasta found in the woods.

“No sauce, no gravy, no cheese, it was just piles of macaroni and spaghetti,” Mayor Owen Henry said.

The piles of pasta were discovered by an Old Bridge resident and former council candidate, Nina Jochnowitz, who had posted photos to her Facebook.

“It looked like someone filled up a wheelbarrow of pasta and dumped it,” Jochnowitz said.

She told the Philadelphia Inquirer that she was appalled by the utter lack of disregard for food waste, and also pointed out that the disposal of the pasta has “the potential to be destructive to the environment” due to the pH levels found in the pasta.

The Business Administrator of Old Bridge Township confirmed to that approximately 15 wheelbarrow loads of pasta were dumped in the woods. Two public works employees cleaned up the mess, while officers took a report regarding the incident.

The pasta was reportedly dumped uncooked, however, due to the rainfall, it had turned soft and damp.

The Mayor laughed about the incident, but also asked the locals not to dump their unwanted goods in the woods.

“Old Bridge is very rural so we do have people who go out and illegally dump so much material in isolated areas, so we’re constantly going out there and cleaning up,” Henry said. “I mean it’s unfortunate because we can take so much of this stuff in at our recycling centers. There’s no reason to dump a mattress in the woods, no reason to throw a refrigerator away. We’ll come to get it from your house. Electronics, rugs, padding, concrete, metal, it makes no sense to throw it into the woods.”

The Mayor stated that even though the person who had dumped the pasta could be cited under the law, the police are not actively pursuing the case.

“It was illegal dumping but it wasn’t anything hazardous. I mean it’s pasta — flour, water and eggs?” Henry said. “We’re not focused on that. There are bigger, pressing issues the detective bureau needs to be involved in. It’s not on the front burner.”

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