50% Of Americans Have Questions About Biden’s Mental Health

A Rasmussen poll reveals that half of Americans now have questions regarding Joe Biden’s physical and mental fitness, while more than half are concerned about the fact that he has not held a press conference for almost 50 days now.

In response to the question “how confident are you that Joe Biden is physically and mentally up to the job of being president of the United States?” 50 percent said that they are “not confident.” 

Fewer than half (48 percent) said they are “confident” or “very confident” about Biden’s condition.

The poll also reveals that 52 percent are concerned that Biden has not faced the press since taking office. Again, fewer than half (46 percent) said they were not concerned.

The findings dovetail with more disturbing videos of Biden acting like he doesn’t know where he is or what he is doing.

In a hardware store in DC, reporters were reduced to yelling questions at Biden, who looked confused and wandered off as his handlers desperately shooed the press away.

On Monday, Biden forgot the name of his Defense Secretary… and the building he works in:

It can’t be good when the President of the US can’t remember basic things like names, and stops mid sentence to ask “what the hell am I doing here?”:

Biden can no longer finish sentences, even when he’s reading them from a teleprompter:

Last month he admitted that he wakes up every morning and asks his wife”where the hell are we?”

Even CNN is asking questions over Biden’s complete lack of interaction.

The guy has bombed Syria more times than he’s held a press conference during his presidency.

Biden isn’t taking calls with foreign leaders, he’s napping and playing with his grandchildren.

Is this guy really going to last in office another three years?

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