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30 Thrill Seekers Left Hanging Upside Down in Oregon Park (VIDEO)

30 Thrill Seekers Left Hanging Upside Down in Oregon Park (VIDEO)

Oaks Park opening day for the summer season, guests experienced a nightmare like car malfunction left them hanging upside down. Portland Fire and Rescue rushed to the scene after the “AtmosFEAR” ride, a rotating pendulum-style attraction, suddenly malfunctioned Friday evening. A post on X shows the terrifying incident:

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Approximately 30 thrill seekers were trapped in a uniquely scary situation, suspended upside down until rescue teams arrived. Firefighters and park engineers worked tirelessly to manually reduce the malfunction. A spokesman for the Fire Bureau confirmed that the trapped pilots were safely evacuated and underwent medical assessments. “The ride has been manually lowered and all riders are being evacuated and medically evaluated,” officials announced.

Fortunately, firefighters reported no serious injuries among the guests. The cause of the trip malfunction is currently unknown. Oaks Park, known as Oregon's oldest existing amusement park, did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Located just 3.5 miles from downtown Portland, the park has been delighting visitors since May 30, 1905, making it one of the nation's oldest continuously operating amusement parks.


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