2021 Conservative Political Action (CPAC)—Day 4

2021 Conservative Political Action (CPAC)—Day 4

Sunday, February 28th, 2021


8:40 AM     Welcome

                             Prayer: Robert Whelan

                             Pledge: Dr. Sean Smarick

                             National Anthem: Landon Starbuck

9:00 AM    Remarks by Robert Unanue, Owner at Goya Foods

9:13 AM     Remarks by Autry Pruitt, CEO of New Journey PAC

9:20 AM     Protecting Elections Part 4: Failed States (PA, GA, NV, oh my!)

                              Rep. Mike Kelly (PA-16)

                              Jenny Beth Martin, Tea Party Patriots

                              Amanda Milius, Director and Producer of The Plot Against the President

                              Moderated by Heather Flick, Lawyer

9:45 AM     China’s Puppets in South Korea and Hong Kong

                              Gordon Chang, American Conservative Union Foundation Board

                              Grant Newsham, KCPAC

                              Moderated by Lydia Chang, Lawyer

10:05 AM    Remarks by David McIntosh, Club for Growth

10:15 AM    The Dangers of Denying People Their Prosperity

                              Larry Kudlow, Former Director of the White House National Economic Council

10:30 AM    Neville Chamberlain of Commerce: Corporate America Surrendering to China

                              James Carafano, The Heritage Foundation

                              Rep. Scott Perry (PA-10)

                              Joshua Philipp, The Epoch Times

                              Moderated by Gordon Chang, American Conservative Union Foundation Board

11:00 AM    Prescription for Pain: The Left’s Agenda on Healthcare

                               Rep. Michael Burgess (TX-26)

                               Rep. Ronny Jackson (TX-13)

                               Scott Parkinson, Club for Growth

                               Moderated by Michi Iljazi, American Conservative Union

11:25 AM    Protecting Elections Part 5: They Told Ya So: The Signs Were Always There

                              John Fund, National Review

                              J. Christian Adams, Public Interest Legal Foundation

                              Hans Von Spakovsky, The Heritage Foundation

                              Dan Schneider, American Conservative Union

11:55 AM    Tough Love: An Assessment of the Republican Party

                              Matt Schlapp, American Conservative Union Chairman

                              Moderated by Deal Hudson, Ave Maria Radio

12:15 PM    Remarks by Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch

12:30 PM    Remarks by Wayne LaPierre, National Rife Association

12:40 PM    Protecting Elections Part 6: Successful States

                              Tommy Hicks, Republican National Committee

                              Michael Whatley, NC Republican Party

                              Matt Whitaker, Fmr. U.S. Attorney General

                              Moderated by Matt Schlapp, American Conservative Union Chairman

1:10 PM    Protecting Elections Part 7: Pandora’s Ballot Box–What’s Next

                              Denise Cohen, American Conservative Union Foundation

                              John Fund, National Review

                              Andrew Wheeler, Fmr. U.S. Administrator of the EPA

                              Moderated by Charlie Gerow, American Conservative Union First Vice Chairman

1:35 PM     Amendment III: Freedom from CHAZ and CHOP Invading Your Neighborhood

                              Julio Rosas, Townhall.com

                              Shelby Talcott, Daily Caller

                              Moderated by Dan Schneider, American Conservative Union Executive Director

1:55 PM    All Debts Are Off: Why You Should Care about the National Debt

                              Rep. Mike Johnson (LA-04)

                              Rep. Chip Roy (TX-21)

                              Russ Vought, Former Director of the Office Of Management & Budget

                              Moderated by Charlie Hurt, The Washington Times

2:15 PM    Health-Rationing vs. Health-Sharing: Your Savings, Your Freedom and Your Life

                              Matt Bellis, LibertyHealth Share

                              Caroline Thau, LibertyHealth Share

                              Peter Pitts, President of Center for Medicine in the Public Interest

                              Moderated by Dan Schneider, American Conservative Union Executive Director

2:40 PM    Please Check the Number and Dial Again: Doubt, Dysfunction, and the Price of Missed Opportunities

                              Sonnie Johnson, Host of “Sonnie’s Corner” on SiriusXM

                              Angela Stanton King, The America King Foundation

                              Shemeka Michelle, #WalkAway

                              Rich Valdes, Host of “This Is America” TalkRadio 77 WABC

                              Moderated by Maj Toure, Founder of Black Guns Matter

3:10 PM    Amendments IX and X: Remarks by Rep. Jim Jordan (OH-04)

3:20 PM    CPAC Straw Poll Results

                              Jim McLaughlin, Pollster for President Trump

                              Tim Constantine, The Washington Times

                              Matt Schlapp, American Conservative Union Chairman

3:40 PM    President Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States

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