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🚨#BREAKING: Body cam showing arrest of man accused of shooting 3, including reporter, just released. – The Donald – America First

I am a 42 year old black woman and with each passing day my hatred for black people grows exponentially, even after moving to a red state. They are ignorant, rude, violent and just a shitty problem. In my beautiful red-state neighborhood, there’s a mongrel who INSISTS on blasting shit-heavy bass music, shaking the walls of my house. I politely asked if I could turn it down and he said “I’d consider it, but probably not.” It’s been 3 weeks and I’m ready for this bag of shit. What makes it worse is that he is a renter, not an owner.

Reading the news from home (NYC) it’s nothing but violent, animalistic black people shooting, raping, maiming others, EVERYONE 👏🏾 SINGLE 👏🏾 TIME 👏🏾 from pre-teens to adults. wild ones Females are no better. I thought moving to the midwest they would perform better, these cones are still loud and rude.

It’s been 3 weeks and I’m already looking to move to a 99.99% white zone. Keep this home as an investment and live away from these savages. There is no redeemable value.

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