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👉🏼Never forget what was stolen from you👈🏼 – The Donald – America First

👉🏼Never forget what was stolen from you👈🏼 – The Donald – America First

I used to stay out until 10 every night. We would build ramps in the woods for our bike and have a blast. We played with fake guns in the woods for paintball war games. (He owns the forest area) dozen children just living life. Smashing hot wheels with rocks and racing RC cars around the block. Those were good times. I’m 36 now and I’m afraid to let my kids out in our yard alone because of the crazies walking around like a scene from the walking dead. There is a beautiful park but every time you go there there are needles. Every morning a park and recreation employee goes and cleans it safely. I looked at the pedoscope tracker website and there are red dots on almost every blood. You’d be surprised how many women there are.

Maybe it’s always been that way and now I’m more aware. But shit, this world is crazy. Just yesterday there was a fight between Mexicans and Asians that took place an entire block from my house. It includes white people and I think it focuses on who the kid was dating I don’t know. It was crazy. It was fun watching the skinny white guy take off his shirt and try to intimidate the Mexicans. Oh god, I don’t know what the hell was going on, but my kids don’t need to be apart of this.

I have a feeling they’ll be missing out on something special. They run around the house every day bring my table I want to play a game. I have to take them to my mom’s house to play in the park that has security and is right next to a 24:7 neighborhood office.

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