The View Co-hosts Gang Up on Van Jones for Taking Photo with Candace Owens

The View Co-hosts Gang Up on Van Jones for Taking Photo with Candace Owens

The “tolerant” co-hosts of ABC daytime talk show The View assailed CNN contributor Van Jones, telling him he should be regretful over pictures he took with conservative commentator Candace Owens.

Before going out to break Friday, co-host Ana Navarro, a former CNN colleague of Jones, blasted him for taking the photo.

“But you did things like take smiling pictures with Candace Owens,” Navarro says, to which Jones replies, “Yes!”

“…Who I think is very hurtful,” Navarro continues.

“Do you not regret that?” Navarro asks, as Jones appears confused. “Do you not see that you’re giving her legitimacy? You don’t regret taking smiling photos with Candace Owens? How does that help the issue?”

As Jones attempts to answer, co-host Joy Behar chimes in, saying, “You’re gonna have to take it outside,” before going on to tell Jones to “Take a nap.”

The exchange was highlighted by former Trump Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, also a former CNN contributor, who slammed The View as “INSANE & INTOLERANT!”

“@VanJones68 is one of the kindest people. When few put politics aside, he did in partnering w/ the Trump admin on criminal justice reform,” McEnany wrote.

“But apparently he can’t take a picture w/@RealCandaceO?”

Owens was equally upset noting on Twitter “The radical Left wants to unite America by making it a criminal act to smile in pictures with conservatives.”

“Utterly psychotic,” she added.

The photo referred to by Navarro from 2018 featured Jones and Owens smiling at a White House event.

Owens has been credited with founding the #Blexit movement, which helps black people realize their enslavement by Democrat politicians and encourages them to leave the “Democrat plantation.”

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