Mrs radiomattm
JANUARY 2, 2021 AT 12:21 AM
“SSN:…the Bill and Hillary song…
I love that song. ”

…then it might interest you that in 1977, in probably the worst couple AND musical team up in the history of mankind that Greg Allman and Cher celebrated their tumultuous and crumbling marriage by releasing a strange album no one in the world but Cher thought was a good idea called “Allman and Woman”. This song, an ode to toxic co-dependency, was one of the few listenable songs on it, and seemed pretty sincere, you may like it too…

…if it tells you anything, the other, really good, song on it was a sad break-up song called “Do What You Gotta Do”.

…the rest is just Cher fronting, and it was a very celebutard offering otherwise, but those two you may like, especially in context…

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