President Trump PLEASE CREATE AN EXECUTIVE ORDER and Have 2020 Ballots and Images Audited in Select States Using Jovan Pulitzer Method

Today Inventor Johan Pulitzer spoke in front of the Georgia Senate meeting on election fraud.  He was outstanding.  He wants legitimate US elections as all Americans do. 

“This Isn’t the Beating of a Drum, This Is the Burning of a City!” – Inventor Jovan Pulitzer Destroys Certification of Georgia’s 2020 Election Results

Pulitzer will help Georgia and other states audit their results using his technique of identifying fraudulent paper ballots and will do it for free.

Pulitzer shared:

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He can look at 500,000 ballots in a couple hours.

The people of the state of Georgia trusted the state to ensure the election was valid and fraud free.

The current election results are flawed: “This isn’t the beating of a drum this is the burning of a city.

Our country was founded on a piece of paper!  Pulitzer can look at the paper and determine almost immediately if a ballot is fraudulent or not.

Pulitzer noted that the Republican areas had ballots that had inherent errors but not the Democrat areas:

Pulitzer will perform an audit of ballots for free for the state of Georgia.

He will look at the ballots and determine which ones are fraudulent and which ones are not.

Please President Trump create an Executive Order that will mandate Pulitzer audit the results in Georgia and the other swing states now!

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