Gregg Jarrett: Earlier this week authorities asked for anyone familiar with Nashville’s Christmas-Day bomber Anthony Quinn Warner to come forward and give any information or insight that may help determine a possible motive. Tom Lundborg spoke to the FBI about working with Warner in the late 1970s. Lundborg’s father owned A.C.E. Alarms, and left the son and “Tony” Warner to run the business after he was incapacitated in a car wreck.

“I worked with Tony as his helper. I kind of looked up to him. He was kind of a hippie. Had long hair, a Magnum, P.I. mustache” Lundborg told the Daily Beast. “He was a smart, cocky kind of guy. I rode around with him all day every day – during the summers, at least for a couple years.”

Lundborg said of his former co-worker that he smoked a lot of weed, disliked authority and claimed to have recently gotten out of the Navy. The Daily Beast found Warner was arrested for marijuana possession in 1978, and it is unclear if he was ever in the Armed Forces. Lundborg claims Warner’s disdain for cops and authority was so rampant, he often lectured the boy. read more

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