Highways Alert Signs Heading Towards DC Say “Avoid Travel To DC”

Highways Alert Signs Heading Towards DC Say “Avoid Travel To DC”

I don’t know about you but this is quite sinister to me.

Commuters riding on Interstate 95 in Virginia noticed several alert signs warning drivers to not head toward DC.

The alert signs stated: “Avoid Travel To DC”.

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Take a look at the alert signs yourself:

DC is totally being shut down!

Not only are there alert signs telling people to stay out of DC but they are shutting down bridges too.

CNN shared these details:

The Washington Monument is closed for two weeks. The National Mall is off limits. A suspension on museum visits and indoor dining has been extended. Airbnb has canceled all DC area inauguration week reservations. And the mayor of Washington and the governors of Virginia and Maryland have joined forces in discouraging people from traveling to attend the inauguration.

Tourism officials are echoing those calls.

Warning signs to avoid DC is the only thing keeping people away from our nations’ capital.

Various checkpoints have also been put up inside the city.

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