CNN Clown Stelter Argues Censorship Is OK When The Left Does It

CNN Clown Stelter Argues Censorship Is OK When The Left Does It

CNN’s resident Pennywise Brian Stelter argued Sunday that censorship isn’t really censorship when the left does it, claiming that ‘reducing a liar’s reach’ is not the same thing, and calling for conservative media broadcasts to be purged from the airwaves.

“Freedom of speech is different than freedom of reach,” Stelter barked, as the CNN chyron proclaimed the topic in question was “Reducing Information Pollution”:

Stelter called for Tucker Carlson and others to be censored, charging that they are spreading “patently false” information about CNN trying to eliminate its competition.

The guy just proved their exact point.

“News consumers are both overfed and malnourished at the same time, gorging on empty information calories, indulging their sugar fixes of self-affirming half-truths, outright lies,” Stelter further blathered.

“It’s impossible to make those lies go away, but they can be reduced. All right. Harm reduction,” Stelter continued, citing Newsmax as another competitor that he wants to see silenced.

Stelter outlined his idea for “A harm reduction model”, which he was at pains to explain was definitely not part of any “cancel culture”.

“This is complicated, but harm reduction is possible. Harm reduction is possible by adding more news and less opinion to the content,” he added, pretending to be unaware that the network he works for engages 24/7 in pure opinion.

Journalist Glenn Greenwald slammed Stelter’s blatant hypocrisy, noting that “CNN lies and spreads conspiracy theories constantly. They’re a pro-Democratic Party outlet that barely airs any dissent from the DNC line”:

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